Create a unique url

From Prekindle Help

The primary URL for your promo pages have the format:

For each of your events, you can create unique links with which you can track views and sales for specific promotions. You can create these links at any time. To create these unique links, you must be logged into your Prekindle dashboard.

1) Click on the event to expand it, then click the PROMOTE tab.

2) Click the LINKS tab to view your primary URl and all other current URLs for your event. Some have been created for you already, and some are used by Prekindle to promote your event through different channels.

3) The primary URL for your event will have the format:

To edit your primary URL, click the UPDATE button. This will open the Primary Link editing tool for you to make any changes. Your previous link will be still work. All puncuation will be removed, spaces will be replaced with dashes, and the overall limit will be truncated to 200 characters. Be sure to click SAVE after making any changes.

4) Enter a description for your new link and click CREATE.Once your link is created, you can use it to direct traffic to your event page. Through the LINKS tab you can track how many views and sales have come through each unique URL.


If you have any issues editing or creating URLs for your promo page, please contact