How do I add credit card information to my account?

From Prekindle Help

To add or edit credit card information to your Prekindle account, you must first log into your account.

User Preferences Credit Cards- Numbered.PNG

1) Click on the Preferences tab located on your dashboard under your name.

2) Click the CREDIT CARDS tab to open the details.

Once you are in the screen with credit card details:

User Preferences - Add New Credit Card - Numbered.PNG

1) You can click the LOAD button to populate some of the fields with information from a recent purchase you have made.

2) Enter the remaining fields with information for the credit card you wish to save.

3) Click the ADD NEW CARD button to store the information.

4) When the credit card information has been stored successfully, it will be added to the list under YOUR CARDS

Please keep in mind that this information will only be used during a purchase when you click the "Agree and Continue" button during the purchase process.

Please contact if you have any questions about storing credit card information.