Order Bulk Tickets

From Prekindle Help

To order bulk tickets for an event, you must first log into your Prekindle dashboard.

Order bulk tickets.PNG

1) Click on the event for which you would like to open tickets, to access the tools for this event.

2) Click the PRINTING tab to open the print tool.

3) Enter the number of tickets you would like to order, and give the batch a name, if you wish. (Naming a batch is helpful if you are ordering comp tickets for sponsors, or tickets to give to performers to sell.)

4) The ticket you are seeing is automatically generated with the event information, but you may change these fields by clicking the EDIT button.


  • The fields on the left side of the editing tool will change the text on the ticket. As you type in these fields, you will see real-time changes on the proof.
  • The SECTION and PRICING drop down fields will allow you to choose the tickets sections that you have created for this event. The price printed on the ticket will automatically be generated when choosing from these fields.
  • The SUBLINE and PRICE fields will allow you to override the automatic text from the Section and Pricing drop-down menus. The boxes must be checked to use these. Ex: Click the box next to Price and type COMP in the field if you do not want a price printed on the ticket.

Editing Bulk ticket order.PNG

5) Once the ticket proof is to your liking, click one of the ORDER buttons to finalize your order. You can choose to "Pick Them Up" at our Downtown Dallas office, or you can "Have Them Shipped" to the address that you choose. Shipping is $6.00 for up to 200 tickets, $12.00 for 201 or more tickets.

If you place orders tickets for multiple events to be shipped to the same address at the same time, a combined shipping discount will be added to your statement.

PLEASE NOTE: The turnaround time for bulk printed tickets is 24 hours. If you need to pick up tickets before the 24-hour window, a $25 rush fee will be added to your statement.

You can always contact with any questions or concerns about ordering bulk tickets.