Transferring a Purchase

From Prekindle Help

To access the purchase information for an event, you will need to log into your Prekindle dashboard.

1) Click the BOX OFFICE tab near the top of the page, under the organizer name.


2) The Box Office dashboard will automatically choose the next event on your calendar. To change this, click the CHANGE button.

Changing a Will Call Name 2.PNG


3) Click the PURCHASES tab. Search for a purchase by entering the customer's first or last name, the email address used for the purchase, the confirmation code, the bar code from the printed ticket, or note used on the guest list entry. If more than one purchase is shown, click the SELECT button next to the purchase to be updated.

4) Click the MOVE ALL button.


5) Select the desired event and purchase level from the drop down menus.

6) Click the SUBMIT button. To send the customer an updated receipt, click the RESEND RECEIPT button.

Please contact if you have any questions about transferring a purchase.